What’s it really like to be a tech student in Johannesburg

jhbTruth is – I cannot  possibly explain to another the vast feelings that run through my veins, as a Johannesburg tech student, every day.It’s hard to explain – the negative colliding with the positive, too powerful for words – words that are hardly part of my vocabulary.

As a tech student in Johannesburg I came across many obstacles throughout a very short period of time- financially, transportation, accommodation as well as security.

I live with my mother in pretoria and as I am one of six children, growing up with a single mom has never brought us the pleasure of a proper wealthy life. Therefore financially I struggle with transportation as well as many other things in my life concerning money. Transportation itself was never the problem – there is taxis left and right, gautrain, uber and even busses but unfortunately it doesn’t come free. Nobody warned me that being a student in Johannesburg is not cheap!

As for accommodation I cannot blame Johannesburg. Life is getting over populated and more expensive every day. Safe accommodation is not cheap and cheap accommodation is not safe, it was a loss-loss for me and without accommodation, traveling became even more expensive.

Johannesburg security impressed me – Being in Johannesburg 10 years ago and being here now is literally switching from a nightmare to dream. I’m not saying it’s safe, but keeping safe is much easier.

It really is the negative colliding with the positive – where i’m studying towards the brightest future I can ever dream of as a student at WeThinkCode_ 42, having to face all these obstacles and instabilities during my studies.

Like I said, no one warned me that being a student in Johannesburg will be cheap nor safe but then again, no one said it will be easy.

Philip Jacobs.

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