Cyber Soldiers


2014 ended in the most awful of ways. Strikes everywhere. Now I know what you are thinking and NO! This is not going to be one of those doom and gloom stories about South Africa. This is a fairytale come true. A story with a ending, even though the we are only on chapter one of the journey itself. Okay, back to the story. when 2015 began the country was basically up in arms. The Rand was the worst it’s ever been, strikes in Jo’burg were a daily show and “Fees must fall” was a chant that you could hear roaring throughout most campuses around South Africa. Things were dark indeed.

But, there was a glimmer of sunshine piercing through this dark cloud that was forming. In the distance a few heroes had formulated a plan to solve not only the “Fees must fall” problem, but also train a new unique type of African warrior. Armed with their keyboards and problem solving skills that will shake up the technological world. Enter WeThinkCode_. They themselves had to do some digging to find the future talent and potential that South Africa had to offer (let’s call them “Cyber Soldiers”), but the reward for this excavation would be great. After some rigorous testing and intense boot camping, 120 people were finally selected to be the first wave of Cyber Soldiers. That is 0.04% of the people that applied for this opportunity. These soldiers are now in that training phase. They were given free everything. Free education, free tools to use, even the freedom to learn our own way at kind of our own pace. Not only that but they even get paid to do it. Can you say WOAW!? I know, mind blowing right?

“When I first heard about this, I had to jump on it. The idea of free education and learning a skill that is so close to having a super power should be enough to get anybody on their feet and running for the nearest computer. SIGN UP NOOOW.” trainee soldier. Anyway, We will be coming to you every now and then telling you about the journey that these soldiers have started and giving you a walkthrough of the WeThinkCode_ adventure. The good, the bad and the ridiculous. Future Cyber Soldier signing out.

Colin Radebe.

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