Okay I need you to bare with me for just one second.

Imagine that everything shown on TV pronounced some impending doom. Imagine that unemployment figures were of the charts and that the only way of making it was through a good education system. Now imagine that the system was just terrible and the word “Matric” only meant “better than nothing”.

Well that’s just terrible isn’t it? Okay let us say you managed to make it this far but here comes another hurdle. University is just too bloody expensive and if we are truly honest with ourselves those fees won’t fall fast if enough, if they do at all.

Even if it was affordable you would only qualify for some study in the Humanities because let’s face it, the system was not meant to produce an Einstein out of you. Shame. So all you need to do is to  set your dreams aside and get ready to compete for a finite number of jobs. I heard the public sector is still hiring. Good luck.

If you were wise you would recognize that your chances are very slim. Just for emphasis let’s just say that you and a horde of other South Africans are screwed. Winter is coming.

Only if there was an institution which would ignore your lackluster qualification and did not cost you an arm and a leg. Lets face it, your education was just a raw deal.

If such an institution existed then I would say you had a shot at your dreams and good life. It would be a shot in the dark but it would be a shot nonetheless.

Let’s say all you needed to do was to write some online tests which determined whether you were born to code or not. After that you could maybe attend a month long boot camp to secure one of a hundred and twenty spots for yourself.

I agree that just sounds too ridiculous. In fact it sounds as ridiculous as your mother sending you a link to the said dream. LOL.

What if on 84 Albertina Sisulu Street Johannesburg you could stop imagining and start coding your future? What if instead of a hundred and twenty young people there were 10 000?

What if this was just the start of something big? Yeah what if?

Let’s just call the place We Think Code. Let’s pretend you are among the approximately two percent who even managed to qualify for the boot camp. You would need to pack your bags and trek towards Jozi. ahhh damn you will have to put whatever life you have on hold also. The fact that it is free might just mean you will need to sweat hard for it. Can you code eight hours a day, seven days a week? It’s called sacrifice young Padawan.

Now there remains one little issue…. How will you afford living in Joburg? The opportunity might be free, Life isn’t? I wonder…..

Kgomotso Mofokeng.

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