This could easily be the most challenging period in our lives, maybe not the most difficult, but definitely challenging. If coding is relatively new to you then you know exactly what I mean. “Turning Challenges Into Opportunities”, that is our creed.

Segmentation faults, bus errors and invalid compilations that is the order of the day. I can almost relate this to my previous job, when a senior manager would  be screaming at the entire office because some smarty pants failed to finish off their day’s work yet still decided to knock off early leaving the entire team temporarily crippled; except in this case its the silent screams of the several errors staring you in the face. At least the number and frequency are decreasing.

Norminette, the “teacher’s pet”, always eager to point out how untidy your work is. The mean girl who’s sole purpose is to ruin your almost perfect function, “yes it works, BUT your declarations are not perfectly aligned”.

Now, this is me admitting to myself, my perception of the world around me has shifted to some extant, since WeThinkCode_. Lines of code have slowly started to invade my dreams, though mine aren’t green and there is no Oracle or agent Smith.

Moulinette, why couldn’t  Moulinette be as kind as Slackbot? A grumpy old teacher with glasses as thick as the bottom of a Coke glass bottle, always managing to find those “well hidden” mistakes within your code. Poof! There goes your 90%. she’s harsh but effective, straight to the point, like a cold wax strip being ripped off of your hairy leg.

After all, this is the process of learning. You have never really succeeded until you have learnt from your mistakes. With that being said, learning is a life long process. Growth is eminent and at times challenging, the trick is finding the opportunity in the challenge.

“I am a slow walker, but I never walk back”  – Abraham Lincoln.

Botshelo Diale.


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