League of Legends is a team based strategy game, which has been given the genre “MOBA” which stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.  Each team consists out of 5 players each, with a combination of over a 120 unique characters to create a strategy with.

In League of Legends the arena consists out of three lanes and a jungle, The lanes are known as: Top, Middle and Bottom and in between the Jungle. Where most of the champions fight with their ‘minions’ (suicidal soldiers), which march towards the enemies towers and the Nexus. In the jungle there are a lot of neutral creeps, which one of the champions in the team that excel in killing things on their own and have a high survival rate.

In the game there is a shop, which allows champions to buy items to improve their strength, like if your character is based on ability damage, there are items that increase ability damage. Other things can be like buying tank items (which are items that allow the champion to take a punch) or Attack Damaging items which improves attack damage. To buy the items, champions need to kill enemy minions, champions or even some objectives to gather gold.

The goal of League of Legends is to destroy the enemy’s Nexus, which is a building that the opposing team has to destroy, in able to win the game, but before you get to the Nexus of the enemy team, you first have other objectives, like towers, which attack you and your team on a consistent basis if you are within the range of the tower. Some other objectives include killing the dragon or Baron Nashor, the dragon gives you a temporary mediocre buff (buff – increasing the strength of your teams characters) which can help you and your team take down the enemy towers. Baron Nashor, one of the biggest most feared creatures in the Rift gives the team a buff which gives you a strong buff, for about 10 minutes and increases the strength of all your minions.

Implementing a strategy within the game requires some knowledge about the game and characters. As well as a good understanding of what the team composition has to exist out of. Teams usually exist out of 5 players in each team, which consist out of a Bruiser, (which can take quite a punch and their damage output is well above mediocre). A Mage/Assassin, (which does a lot of damage, but is very vulnerable to enemy attacks). An ADC also known as an Attack Damaging Carry, (usually has the highest output of damage in the game, but also takes the most damage in the game). The ADC is accompanied by a Support (Supports focus on characters which don’t need a lot of items to be efficient in the game and focuses on abilities that can either heal, crowd control (like slowing characters or stunning them) or getting items which helps their team, and last but not least, a role which can either be a full on damage or tank, maybe even both. The Jungler (which sustains in the jungle and gathers gold from the neutral creep the champion kills).
Welcome to the Rift, summoner, see you next time.
Johann Buys.

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