This is a beginning of a series where any and all coding elements will be turned into english(hopefully).The aim of these essays is to communicate as many new elements of coding as possible by trying to personify the code into human situations and so on.

Code. I like code. Code is how you get things that don’t exist(yet) done.I mean code like everything else in life comes with baggage. Variables for example.Well variables are great for relationships as they are the girls that commit.You know. They stick to one type of guy/girl, int?.Vars(as I like to call them) don’t change unless they get a new type of guy/girl/char.The are explicit about it too but boy do they carry you. Keep you safe and warm and stuff.The problem with variables is that they’re prunes you know.They don’t do nothing but what was promised. Till death, ram or load shedding do you apart.

Now statics on the other hand, statics are alive.Forever changing not types mind you but their content you know.They change that all the time. Statics are that friend you know.The one with a new type of girl every other week.The funny thing though is the girls are all exactly the same height, complexion, persona and stuff but with different names I guess.Anyway if you looking for a change but not too much change just enough for you to say I ain’t a prune/vars(hoping it catches on. ) then static’s your guy.

You can go the all out wild I don’t care what type I like direction, with structs. Structs are players, I mean serious players.Structs(yes thats plural.) are what polite society would call “with diverse taste” but I lets be honest thats just being indecisive.Structs are that guy/girl/void(last one. I promise I’ll stop now) that has nested contact lists of all these types of girls/guys or both.I mean structs will take any relationship as long as it’s classified as a relationship and sometimes when it isn’t really.

Damn. I’m starting to think codes baggage has more baggage than code. Anyway until next time keep it vars and code.

Mandisi Makwakwa.

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