During one of the conferences which take place here at Wethinkcode_ from time to time, we had the pleasure of hosting The founder and Director of Business Development at Workonline Communications, Edward Lawrence.

At the conference the we students had the pleasure of listening and engaging with one of the top business people in South Africa and Africa as a whole.

We were also lucky enough to grab a quick interview before he dashed off to his next engagement. You can see the video below.



Over the weekend GirlCode hosted the GirlCode Hackaton. The event was held at Jozihub over Saturday and Sunday.

The participants had to focus on issues affecting women in South Africa and had to develop either an app or website dealing with said issues.

WTC_ students Miriam Lamarre, Eartha Hansmann, and Anastasia Bintcliffe along with Nicole Ritchie came up with an app called Supported. This app was designed with the high domestic abuse cases prevalent in South Africa in mind.

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Today is Women’s Day and to celebrate this WTC_ hosted an open day for women from different walks of life. The day started off with a meet up where the women plus the few brave men who attended brainstormed and discussed the role of women in tech.

After the meet up the guests got a tour around campus and demonstrations from WTC_ students.

Some of the guests got a chance to write the WTC_ entrance exam and we look forward to have them on campus for more than one single day.

Find the pictures of all that went down below.

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Boy should you see us with our bands, spectacular is the word. They might be just bands to you but they are more than that, they are the deoxyribonucleic acid that we carry with us. It’s more like without a band you will not code your way to your future, yeah I know…a band can do all that? You see coding is more than just being able to code a couple of functions but being able to explain and understand the code. Coding is being able to interact with your peer and be willing to share what you know. Information kept to yourself is the same as not knowing anything, or at least that’s how we see it at WTC_.

What if we can re-code how the world works? You know how they say ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’, what if I told you that the future is in the hands of the blue band wearer…That’s right for every WTC_ student is the band to the future. Where there is WTC_ there are possibilities. Wearing the blue band is not only a responsibility but a right to design the future, and to turn challenges into opportunities. There is a hundred and twenty of us and we are all different…diversity is written all over us and we sure do celebrate it.

Even with all our differences, in order for all of us to be able to design and code the future, we all need each other and allow our spectacular Society to thrive. Empowering each other is what we are best known for, right after the coding that is. It’s only when everyone works together, that everyone succeeds that’s why our WTC_ blue band society is so important to us. We do face individual problems but together we get through everything because a society we are, a family we are and coding we do. We are the blue band society and we are coding for success, the future and beyond. We are the next big thing!

Noluthando Khotle.



“I’ve been a musician for fifteen years, and for the most part I was crap.” At least I think that’s what Kyle said during the Audio Visual Club lecture on Music Production. He kept at it, which was the point. Even when Producers rubbished his work, he took the criticism in his stride and tried again, and again … and again.

She had an epiphany that fateful afternoon. Everything suddenly made sense. She had been trying so hard to catch up, to submit, to fit in, that she overlooked the fact that code too was a skill, and that skills took understanding and a lot of practice. She would have to work at it, harder than most, but work she would have to.

It had been a difficult month or so. She had missed over five project submissions and had wallowed in her own disappointment. Struggling to wake, struggling to eat, and struggling to work. Failure filled her mind. “Uhhhmmm, how did you get into We Think Code?” That’s what Tiyani asked when she enquired over advice on work ethic – how to get into coding mode, where to begin.

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