Over the weekend GirlCode hosted the GirlCode Hackaton. The event was held at Jozihub over Saturday and Sunday.

The participants had to focus on issues affecting women in South Africa and had to develop either an app or website dealing with said issues.

WTC_ students Miriam Lamarre, Eartha Hansmann, and Anastasia Bintcliffe along with Nicole Ritchie came up with an app called Supported. This app was designed with the high domestic abuse cases prevalent in South Africa in mind.


It does this by connecting Guardians to women who might need support but are unable to approach the police either because of fear or lack of crime being committed yet. The Guardians are people who are linked to community networks or work in the security services. Most are trained in skills such as self defence or psychology.

Out of the five projects presented Supported was chosen as the overall winner and bagged the ladies a sum of R10 000 for the hard work and ingenuity.

On behalf of everyone here at We Think Code I would like to say congratulations and thank you for flying the WTC_ high and proud.



Kgomotso Mofokeng.

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