Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them. Albert Einstein

This month, at WeThinkCode_ we are celebrating the theme Know your limits.  We recognise that the limits in our lives are determined by our selves. So in knowing our limits we can set reasonable goals to overcome them.


Imagine we can recode the way the world works. Imagine we could recode the future. WeThinkCode_ launched its sourcing campaign to recruit 200 talented young coders for its 2017 cohort. Keep following our #ReCodeYourFuture campaign for more stories behind our coders.

Just before the launch of the PHP Bootcamp, students and corporate sponsors gathered in the CBD to get to know one another before the internships in January 2017. Companies had the opportunity to share with our students more about their culture and projects that students will work on during their internships. Students showcased their coding projects, and also shared some of the club activities, including robotics, audio visual, gaming and chess. We even had an old-school Twitter-enabled, bluetooth connected juke box that our students built.

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For WeThinkCode_ students, recoding your future also means developing ‘an authentic, considered leadership consciousness and an enduring, compelling humanity’ in the words of our life skills partner Life&Co. During a fun and inspiring workshop on finding your Champion Within based on Mandela’s teachings, students reflected upon their consciousness, their purpose, shifted paradigms and developed the life skills they will need to succeed as computer programmers.

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Coders Cup Update

It has been an entire semester of fun, coding and coders cup points. To recap, let us take a look at what has happen in the Coders Cup in the first semester.

Coders Cup opening ceremony, 3 June 2016.
Coders Cup filler tournament , 18 June 2016.
Gk Hackathon, 24-26 June 2016.
Coders Cup Unreal tournament, 1 July 2016.
Coders Cup Podumentary, 29tJuly 2016.
Coders Cup Game night, 5 August 2016.
Girl-code Hackathon, 6-7 August 2016
Coders Cup Chess Tournament, 26 August 2016.
RMB foundry block chain challenge, 29 August 2016.
Congratulations to all the victors, and to the not so victorious prepare to redeem yourselves. The Coders Cup CoreWars are coming.

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