WeThinkCode_ AT RAGE!

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Very few things in life, allow us geeks the opportunity to roam our natural habitats, unhindered and on the prowl for the latest and greatest in gaming and all things tech. Fewer still, make us froth at the mouth, give us laser focus and fill us with a great sense of gaming purpose. Rage is one of those things.

Gamers in all their glory

As 34 693 eager-beavers descended upon Africa’s largest 3-day gaming expo, we were offered some wondrous insight into the industry we all call home: The gaming industry is growing at light-speed, Tech and game development is finally coming unto it’s own and dawning on the fact that some cosplays are more equal than others.

Here’s how it all went down.

eSports, A growing phenomenon.

The first ever eSports Branding Summit in Africa kicked off in full force this weekend, which served as a looking glass into an industry that we’re very excited to be a part of. The Telkom Digital Gaming League was also at the center of the event, sporting a massive screen streaming live in-game footage of games such as DOTA and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Teams battled it out to be crowned champions of DGL Masters Final. Only two Teams emerged as victors: White Rabbit Gaming (WRG) as champions of the DOTA Final and Bravado Gaming (BVD) as champions of the CS GO Final.  

Becoming a reality

Quickly becoming a staple in the tech industry, augmented and virtual reality was another big hit at Rage this year, seeing companies like Sony, Blue Ocean and Learn 3D all showing off their gear, games and innovative ideas. Although, it seems, the technology is making reaches into other industries as well, including architecture, travel and tourism as well as film. This makes one wonder, what does the future have in store for our tech-driven world?

Cosplay Culture

This weekend, there were a great many sights to behold. None, more so sightly than the living embodiments of our all-time favourite characters. We all felt like kids again as we excitedly chased after characters from Super Mario, legends from DOTA, countless Darth Vader’s, Overwatch heroes, Suicide Squad lookalikes and perfectly reconstructed characters from our most-liked anime. Pictures were taken, scene reenactments took place, fun was had and saved to say, our imaginations have been captivated once again.

The future seems brighter already

WeThinkCode_ also partook in all the gaming wizardry this past weekend, appealing to all future tech leaders, game developers and innovators. Our students showcased some remarkable projects and assisted prospective students with taking our onsite test. We also 3D printed a robotic spider, which had many a visitor flocking to our stand. A record number of applications were captured this past weekend, which is a clear indicator that Africa is in dire need of tech talent – talent that will pioneer our ever-growing industry, economy and the futures of our youth.

We have complete confidence that with WeThinkCode_ at the helm of a world-class free education, the future of tech and game development seems brighter already.

Bringing it all together

Overall, Rage 2016 was profoundly successful and we’re extremely pleased with the turnout. We expect a great many things from an industry filled with so much promise, not to mention that the gaming community is finally under the spotlight – a spotlight that it rightfully deserves. To close, we’d also like to extend a warm thanks to our sponsor, Telkom, without which this experience would not have been possible. Until next year – Eat, Sleep, Game, Repeat.

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