On any given day you would find the WeThinkCode_ campus filled with people doing mundane tasks such as coding something which could possibly turn the world on its head. Nothing really interesting if you ask me. There is nothing fun around here, no sir nothing at all.

But on that special occasion where the stars in our neighbouring solar system align almost perfectly while Beyonce mysteriously day dreams about your’s truly, something which can only be described as out of this solar system happens.

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UBER – Careers of the Future –Career Education Masterclass

On Saturday 29 October UBER hosted the inaugural  UBER-Careers of the Future-Career Education Masterclass at the General Electric Africa Innovation Centre in Houghton Estate Johannesburg.

High school students from around Johannesburg spent the majority of the day learning and listening to various speakers about about potential careers. Speakers included Kathy Berman from General Electric, Yoilsa Mashilwane, Timothy Willis & Sankari Nair from UBER, Unathi September from Gradesmatch, Neo Hutiri from Technovera and Arlene Mulder and students from WeThinkCode_.

Students got to hear how they can pursue a tech career by studying at WeThinkCode_ from Arlene Mulder. WeThinCode students also engaged with and  gave demonstrations on some of the projects they have done. These demonstrations included a session on how to build a web page and using a Raspberry Pie and Arduino in robotics.

Below are some images taken at the event.

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