On any given day you would find the WeThinkCode_ campus filled with people doing mundane tasks such as coding something which could possibly turn the world on its head. Nothing really interesting if you ask me. There is nothing fun around here, no sir nothing at all.

But on that special occasion where the stars in our neighbouring solar system align almost perfectly while Beyonce mysteriously day dreams about your’s truly, something which can only be described as out of this solar system happens.

People from nearby areas came to a place they usually come to, so there is nothing special there or is there? Well if you consider people dressed up as comical freaks then yes.

So upon realisation of this amazing hiccup by the universe, it was decided to hold a competition to decide whom to never imitate when choosing your outfit. With a flash and a bang something which we wont be able to scrub out of our memories happened.

There was a lot people in pyjamas and slutty hairy oversized guys whom you wont tell how ridiculous they look to their face. There was also a fair share of normal people and those who simply tried to hard and of course stretch marks.

At the end of the day the people had their say. In what could be described as a lesson to the Americans, the most un-freaky of the freaks was elected…. Claris Richter was chosen as the winner of the How Not To Dress contest. This was described by some as a rigged event hosted by crooked nerds.

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