Talking Biz with Maps Maponyane

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A lot of us here and Im sure a lot of South Africans know Maps Maponyane as a TV personality and thats it. At the recent weekly meeting of the WeThinkCode_ entrepreneurship community called biz_tank we all got to learn more about Maps and how he is more like us rather than than your average Joe on the tube.

The event had students pitching their business ideas and getting feed back from the student panel and Maps himself along with WeThinkCode_ co-founder Arlene Mulder and then it was the turn of Maps and Arlene to pitch their own ideas.

View some videos of the event below.

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WeThinkCode_ Year End Party.


WeThinkCode held its end of the year party this past Saturday. This was a time for everyone to relax just before taking a well deserved break after a very testing year.

After the long build up with excitements running high, it rained….. That could have been the end to any gathering held on the roof in the middle of Johannesburg but this time no one would have any of that.

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Coders’ Cup


Its been a great year in the coders cup, unfortunately all good things must come to an (temporary) end.

Congratulations to Pod 19 which was the all round best pod and therefore winning the coders cup. So big up to the Pod 19 members Arno Swanepoel, Eartha Hansman, Keang Nage, Tristan Maske and Thulasizwe Mavuso.

Congratulations are also in order for the following:

  • All the Pod 5 nerds for the podumetary.
  • Johann Buys, Sizwe Mashele, Dean Dutoit and Motlatso Morokolo for Gaming.
  • Viashen Govender for Soccer.
  • Tumelo Mohlahla for Chess.
  • Everyone for Fmac…..
  • Arno van Wyk and Kalilo Hansmen fo the CoreWar Championship

Its been a great year of fun and games and next year will hopefully be even better.

May the code be with you