WeThinkCode_ Year End Party.


WeThinkCode held its end of the year party this past Saturday. This was a time for everyone to relax just before taking a well deserved break after a very testing year.

After the long build up with excitements running high, it rained….. That could have been the end to any gathering held on the roof in the middle of Johannesburg but this time no one would have any of that.

If anything, the rain only made the evening that much more worth remembering. It kicked off with some people dancing in the rain and drinks flowing around. From there all that happened could be described as simply magical.

You might think Im over exaggerating a little bit but consider some of the things that went on and maybe you might have a slight  change of heart. For one, we had a lip syncing battle and that always lifts some spirits. Add to that an award ceremony where a pillow was an actual trophy and you have a party on your hands.

I guess it could only be considered magical seeming that not too long ago we were all strangers and all of a sudden we were seeing each other day in day out. So this was more like a family gathering rather than  an end of the year party.

In the end this was a perfect end to what was a difficult and exciting year. Here is to more fun times with friends and those we love.

Below are some pictures of all that happened.

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