Talking Biz with Maps Maponyane

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A lot of us here and Im sure a lot of South Africans know Maps Maponyane as a TV personality and thats it. At the recent weekly meeting of the WeThinkCode_ entrepreneurship community called biz_tank we all got to learn more about Maps and how he is more like us rather than than your average Joe on the tube.

The event had students pitching their business ideas and getting feed back from the student panel and Maps himself along with WeThinkCode_ co-founder Arlene Mulder and then it was the turn of Maps and Arlene to pitch their own ideas.

View some videos of the event below.

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M : What lead you to be involved in something like WeThinkCode?

A: I was working at Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) in credit risk, building and coding credit risk models for two years and later joined Corporate Finance for five years. The first deal I worked on was the Momentum and Metropolitan merger. I learned so much at RMB and noticed that most companies were looking to expand into the digital age.  

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MEET THE STAFF__Amukelani Mombedzi.


Monday morning. After another rough week at WeThinkCode you hurry back ready for some more learning. Everyday you come in and interact with many different kinds of people. Most of them are peers, fellow students trying to survive. Through daily conversations and interactions you learn about them, their lives, goals, families. However have you ever wondered about the six people that aren’t there to study? The six remarkable people that work and toil in order for us to have this opportunity. Well this is their story, starting with the lady that is always there to greet you with a smile the moment you walk through that door.

Amukelani Mombedzi, born in the not so far away town of Atteridgeville  in Pretoria. After moving to Centurion, she attended  Jacaranda Primary School, followed by Sutherland High School. Here she enjoyed playing sports like  hockey and Netball, where she played in the 1st team from grade 10 to 12 for the latter. Growing up, Amu wanted to be doctor, but decided to do a BA in Criminology instead where she majored in forensics and psychology.

Amu heard about WeThinkCode from her sister. Loving the idea of startups that can make a difference, she went about trying to find out what she could do about getting involved in this program, using the website and Facebook page.

“Taking over the world”. That was her answer when asked where she sees WeThinkCode in five years. “ I see us opening other branches and hopefully branching off to other countries”.  In the next five years, Amu also plans to get her Masters Degree in Forensics.

Quick Q&A

Favourite food:  McDonalds Chicken Foldover.

Favourite Movie:  3 way tie between Grease, The Notebook and The Vow.

Favourite place in the world:  Knysna.


Marco Ferreira.